5 Steps to Starting a Cooking Club With Friends


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Do you want to improve your hosting skills, become a better cook, spend more time with your friends, and sample tasty new dishes week after week? Then it’s time to start a cooking club! With tools from Shapem, you can take your cooking and baking talents to the next level. If you’re eager to start a cooking club, follow these tips to reach out to your friends and turn your idea into reality.


Invite Your Friends


To start a cooking club, you need to recruit a few reliable friends! Start by thinking about your closest friends, and consider who might be interested. Make sure to ask people who have enough time to cook and get together regularly. 


You can also get in touch with old friends you haven’t seen in some time. Inviting them into your cooking club can be a great way to rekindle your friendship! You can find your former classmates’ contact info through a high school alumni search engine. Just plug in the name of your school and your graduation year to get started.


Choose Dates and Locations


Once you’ve found a few friends who are interested in joining your cooking club, you’ll need to organize your first get-together. Compare schedules to find a date that works for everyone. Next, decide who will host your first gathering. While some people might be better suited for hosting because they have more space at home, try not to stick the same person with hosting duties for each gathering - aim to rotate designated hosts to delegate responsibilities fairly.


Pick a Theme


How can you start deciding on the menu for your dinner party? Begin by choosing a theme that will inspire your club’s choices! You might want to base your menu around seasonal entrees and appetizers. You can also think outside the box. Love the Day recommends hosting a Southern-style crawfish boil, planning a “breakfast for dinner” night, or having each guest make a dish centered around a specific cuisine, like Greek or Italian.


Assign Dishes


Once you’ve figured out what kind of menu you want to serve for your cooking club gathering, each person can decide which dish they want to bring. Try to plan out a few courses. For instance, some people might want to bring appetizers, and one or two people can bring entrees, salads, side dishes, and even desserts! Additionally, you can come up with a few cocktail and mocktail recipes. 


Gather Together


The day of your gathering has arrived! If you’re hosting, go the extra mile for your guests. Food and Wine recommends stocking up more on beverages, ice, napkins, and other serving supplies than you think you’ll need - you don’t want to run out in the middle of the meal. It can be tempting to push off the clean-up until the next day, but you’ll want to tidy up your kitchen and run your dishwasher before going to bed.


What if you’re a guest at the first cooking club gathering? Make sure to show up on time with the dish you promised to bring and any supplies that the host might need you to contribute. Offer to pitch in with setting the table or cleaning up. At your gathering, you can also pitch ideas for the next cooking club menu theme!


There’s nothing better than getting together with your friends while enjoying a delicious meal. If you want to bring your circle of friends closer while becoming a skilled home cook, it’s time to start your very own cooking club. With these tips, you’ll be able to gather your old and new friends for regular dinner parties!


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