How To Get Your Baking Business Noticed

As a small home baker, your boutique confections can help make other people’s events memorable. But, you have to get your goods in front of your customers first. Today’s tips can help you show your potential customers why you are sweeter than the competition.

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Use social media to your advantage.


Social media matters more than you might think. Use it to your advantage. Have a social media presence, and share lots of content. One idea: time-lapse videos. You can record yourself decorating cookies, cakes, and other confections to showcase exactly how much heart and soul go into each creation.


Advertise on Facebook.


Facebook Ads are an effective way to reach out to potential customers and grow your customer base. Thanks to Facebook's sophisticated targeting options, you can make sure that your ads are only seen by people most likely to use your services. What's more, Facebook ads are relatively affordable, especially compared to TV or print ads. You can even create a Facebook ad for free. Look for a platform that allows you to wield your creative power with fonts, colors and images that fit your business. You can quickly churn out an ad that looks like it was created by a marketing agency! 


Don’t use cookie-cutter cookie cutters.


If you want to really stand out, don’t use the same cookie cutters and baking molds that everyone else is picking up at your local craft store. Instead, visit Shapem online for a selection of artful and unique cookie cutters that will show everyone that you’re willing to go a step above the competition to give your customers what they really want, no matter their event.

 Shapem offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more.


Showcase only your best work. 


We’ve already mentioned using video to show how much work goes into the process, but you should also utilize still photography to show your best work and only your best work. As part of your marketing plan, consider investing in a great camera or iPhone, and then try a free image background remover so that you can add clean and custom photos to your website and social media. Removing the background of your images helps you show off your work's best features. Plus, if you want to use an image for marketing materials, you’ll need to remove the background so that you can change it for whatever need arises.


Give to the community.


There are dozens of opportunities every day to get your products out in front of your customers. One of the best ways to do that is to give back to your community. One of our favorite ideas: make custom cookies for your child’s school or partner with the PTO to make sure that all teachers have a welcome-back snack pack. Remember, teachers are parents, too, and if they like your cookies, they are more likely to order from you later on.


Network, network, network!


Networking is essential for all businesses, even small home bakeries. Fortunately, there are many different avenues by which you can meet others within your creative space. Start with your friends and family. Quick tip: look for people that you went to high school with by using an online search tool that allows you to plug in your school, graduation date, and other information to help you re-find old connections. You can also reach out to other business owners with whom your customers may also interact. 


One fun idea here is partnering with a photographer to offer a package deal on smash cake photo sessions. What To Expect explains that a smash cake is what it sounds like: a cake meant to be smashed on a toddler’s first birthday. They are very fun to photograph, and the person investing in photography may order their official birthday cake from you as well.


Follow a plan.


If you’re interested in opening a larger bakery, later on, write a business plan now. Your business plan will help you decide how your business will be structured, how much you charge today and in the future, and how much money you need to get a larger operation off the ground. It will also detail other pertinent information that can help you follow a timeline toward success.


There are lots of home bakeries. Yours is the best. From capitalizing on social media to advertising on Facebook to sharing your best work to making sure you write and stick to a business plan, everything you do today to make your cakes and confections stand out will position you for growth tomorrow.

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