How To Host A Honey Bee Party That Will Have Everyone Buzzing

As spring turns to summer, people everywhere are abuzz with the hope of a season full of events and parties. After a long, tough year, there are more reasons than ever to celebrate, and for every reason to celebrate, there’s a party to plan.


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From first birthday parties to wedding showers, gender reveals, and even weddings, there’s never been a better time to pull out the scrapbook, heat up the glue gun, and get to designing.

And with so many themes to choose from, from the topical and trendy to celebratory classics, today we’re going in-depth with one of the sweetest themes we know:

The Honey Bee Party.

Whether you’re celebrating the little bumblebee’s first birthday or creating an homage to Queen Bey herself, the timeless looks of black and yellow accents, the irresistible honey-infused treats, and the opportunities for memorable photos are unmatched.

But tried-and-true themes have been done before, so it can take a little extra effort to get the whole hive buzzing.

Ready to see how to sweeten the honey pot of your next honey bee-themed party? Read on for our five favorite honey bee party ideas, and five great ways to infuse even more honey bees into the party!

Five Buzzworthy Ideas For Honey Bee-Themed Parties

Honey bee-themed parties are classics for a reason. Below are five of our favorites, along with some ideas of how to make your version as sweet as honey.

1. Meant to Bee - Wedding Theme

meant to bee themed party favors


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When your Queen Bey finds the one she’s meant to be with, there’s no sweeter theme to celebrate their love than a Meant to Bee wedding. Bees are often seen as a symbol of community and celebration, making them perfect for the couple’s big day.

There are plenty of understated, classy ways to incorporate honey bees into a wedding celebration without needing to make the whole event black and yellow. From wedding favors that include customized honey jars, sweet wedding tags, and even seed packs, these subtle nods to honey bees are sure to resonate with the whole party.

2. Who’s It Going to Bee - Gender Reveal

Letting the world know about whether your little honey bee is about to be a buzzy boy or a golden girl is a wonderful opportunity to use a Honey Bee theme.

For colors alone, yellow and black are both considered gender neutral so you can go full-steam ahead with a theme without worrying about striking the perfect balance between blues and pinks.

There are also plenty of ways to turn up the fun with a Who’s It Going To Bee gender reveal. For the reveal itself, there are gorgeous handmade piñatas and light, yellow ones that are sure to make great party centerpieces.


bee party themed handmade pinatas


Honey bee-themed charts are subtle, but help contribute to the air of the party and give guests a way to participate. For an Instagram-ready look, these What Will It Bee balloon letters make a great backdrop for family photos.


what will it bee balloon letters Bee party decoration ideas


What really makes the honey bee-themed gender reveal fun is that it’s an all-ages, celebratory event that allows you to show off your creativity. Choose the traditions you want to include, invent your own, play games, and apply the theme how you want.

3. Mommy to Bee - Baby Shower

mommy to bee cake party ideas


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The Honey Bee Baby Shower has the potential to be one of the cutest options for the new mom in your life, especially if the event is happening in the spring or summer. What better way to channel the arrival of new flowers, buzzing bees, and the excitement of a growing family?

Made even better when hosted outside, this gender-neutral themed Mommy to Bee baby shower can be as involved as you’d like it to be. From simple touches like yellow and white flowers (think daisies and sunflowers!) to gold elements for a bit of luxury to the more dramatic black-and-yellow balloon arches, this kind of theme is great for both classic get-togethers and full-on celebrations.

One important point to remember for the planning is having a delicious, non-alcoholic refreshment for the mom-to-be and any younger guests. Darling Celebrations has a great guide to the whole party that includes a recommendation for a delicious-looking Honey and Citrus Fizz!

honey and citrus fizz for bee themed party ideas

4. Baby’s 1st Bee-Day - Birthday Party

bee party decorations


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From bright, colorful birthday invitations to the black-and-yellow striped shirt (or whole bee costume!) Baby's 1st Bee-Day Birthday Party is sure to be a day to remember. Besides, what could be better than a bright, cheerful celebration?

Given that these parties are geared toward great photos and making memories, the theme tends to be even more important - both for the parents who want something to remember the day by and for the little one who might want some cute photos to share later on down the line.

To get your event photo-ready, Giggles Galore outlines a few different steps, including creating a captivating dessert station, custom cake toppers, and themed party favors. Depending on the amount of time you have (and how handy you are!), one or all of those might be just what you’re looking for to add some unique elements to your party.

In a post on Lauren Conrad’s website, the team shares additional themed ideas like table runners, napkins, and plates that can add to your theme while being done in a budget-friendly way, too.

While it can be easy to get excited about all the possibilities, it’s also important to be in the moment on the day of! Have the resident phone-savvy teenager be in charge of photos so you and the family can sit back, relax, and enjoy your baby’s first birthday!

5. Bride to Bee - Bridal Shower

bride to bee party supplies


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Celebrating the bride-to-be with a honey bee-themed bridal shower is a great way to bring in sweetness, bright colors, and delicious treats, all while making a memorable day for the lucky lady.

There are plenty of gorgeous ways to carry this theme all the way through. Though some may be similar to the ideas suggested earlier, one way you can help your Bride to Bee get loose and get the party started is with one of these delicious Honey Cocktails (sign me up for the Gold Rush!).

For the fun and games part of the event, consider this Honey Bee Bridal Shower Game Package for a classic way to kickstart the activities (featuring Bridal Bingo, Who Knows The Bride Best, and more).

Overall, the day is about her, so however you can incorporate her personality, her relationship, and her interest with the theme, it’s sure to be a success!

Five Sweet Honey Bee Party Decorating Ideas

While the range of honey bee-themed parties can be as different as types of bees in a garden, we’ve gathered up some special suggestions that you could incorporate into each one to not only enhance the theme but to also keep your guests buzzing about the fun they had long after the party is over.

1. Honey Bee Soap Favors

Being able to assemble themed party favors for the end of your party is a thoughtful way to share your appreciation for your guests and to extend your party’s theme right till the goodbye.

One of our favorite favors for themed parties is themed soaps. Not only is it functional (it’s soap!) but it’s a creative form, too, allowing you to include the colors, themes, and even the characters of your party in a form that’ll keep your guests thinking of the special event long after it’s done.

Options abound for creative soap gifts, like these Bumblebee Soaps by Soap by Nadia. Not only do they come in a party-friendly pack of 25, each individually wrapped, but the soap is naturally moisturizing and even includes a dash of real honey.


bumblebee soap party favors


For a honey bee-themed party, you can also try these handmade Honey Bee Party Favors which come in paired sets of 25, perfect for dropping right into your party favors as they come in cellophane bags individually wrapped with ribbon.

honey bee soap favors for baby shower party

2. Honey Bee-Inspired Treats

A party’s not a party without something tasty! Though we’re sure you’re all over the pastry preparation or the snacking strategy for your big event, there are still other ways you can keep your theme humming along.

The first suggestion is to take your cupcakes and cakes to the next level. You may be considering black and yellow frosting as it is, but with edible glitter, you can add a shimmer and sparkle that will catch everyone’s eyes. With Sprinklify’s Edible Glitter in Neon Yellow and Edible Glitter in Black, you can add some razzle-dazzle to your food and drinks.

edible glitter for food and drinks

The other possibility is getting crafty with your culinary creations. With the silicone Beehive molds and Bee molds, the fun’s just getting started. With these reusable molds, not only can you scale up and make treats easily for the whole party, you’ll have a new option in your baking arsenal for other events, too.


silicone bee mold for fondant or resin


Need some inspiration? Check out what baker Gema Sweets did making cakesicles out of the silicone bee mold - how cute are those?


honey bee themed cakesicles for Bee baby shower

3. Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles


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Similar to the idea of honey bee-themed treats, beeswax candles can be a nice addition to a party favor or used as a classy centerpiece for your guest tables. These make great gifts even at parties for kids because the adults will appreciate that they get a little something to take home with them, too.

A great all-year-round gift, Beeswax Candles are an especially fun way to commemorate summer parties. Expect messages of thanks and appreciation to pour in during the fall and winter when the seasons change and people remember all over again the creative touches you incorporated into your party.

If you’re feeling crafty you can certainly make your own Beeswax Candles. There are plenty of great recipes for at-home candle crafting, including this DIY Beeswax Candle from Rooted in Healing.

Another option is to head over to your local farmer’s market and see if you’ve got a booth for honey or candles. You might find a local artisan willing to make your candles for you, and you’ll have a thoughtful, local gift your guests will connect with even more!

4. The Honey Bee Booth

As you’ve likely thought through all of the honey bee-themed elements that are going to be picture-ready, it’s important not to forget the new classic: the photo booth!

There are a number of ways to incorporate a themed photo opp into your party, and it likely depends on the type of party you’re throwing. This adorable bumble bee photo prop might work better for parties that skew younger and feature children, while these themed photo props work more specifically for baby showers.

Even without a recognized area for your Honey Bee Booth, it can be a nice touch to leave a few of the themed props on tables or as centerpieces to inspire your guests to snap a quick selfie.

No matter how you decide to encourage those spontaneous moments, you and your guests will appreciate having something fun to look back on!

5. Bee-autiful Invites & Thank You Cards

For your guests, the party starts with the invites they receive. Though modern mailings tend to be virtual (which you can, of course, customize to your heart’s content), there is still a time and a place for the traditional invite.

And for parties where gift-giving is traditional, like birthday parties and showers, you’ll definitely want to mail a Thank You card after the fact to share your appreciation.

thank you for bee-ing here cards


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Extend your theme in both classy and cute ways with a collection of honey bee-themed Thank You’s. You can even have them customized before sending with a photo of the newborn, the happy couple, or mother & child to make this themed keepsake even more special.

As with so much in life, it’s the thought that counts. Keeping the honey bee theme going and sharing these moments with your guests keeps that special event fresh in mind for everyone - and that’s something worth buzzing about!

Now we want to hear from you! Have you tried any of the treats we’ve mentioned? What are your go-to party favors? Did we miss any honey bee-themed parties that you’ve absolutely loved being a part of? Let us know!

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