Tips for Starting a Baking Business from Your New Home

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Tips for Starting a Baking Business from Your New Home

Many entrepreneurs are choosing to launch businesses out of their homes. There are clear benefits to doing so, and there’s plenty of technology that makes it a realistic endeavor for almost anyone who has a mind for business. 

One essential ingredient of a successful home baking business is the home itself. If your current home doesn’t fit the bill for your new company, it’s time to look elsewhere. You ultimately need a place where you can run a thriving company and enjoy flourishing family life. These Shapem tips can help!

Leave No Stone Unturned    

Let's start with the basics: finding the right home for your home baking business. The challenge will lie in identifying somewhere that helps you thrive in business while also meeting your family's needs

Obviously, you'll want to prioritize the kitchen, whether that means looking for a home with a decked-out kitchen or making renovations shortly after purchasing the property. You also need to consider the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, the floor plan, and any bonus spaces your family might need.

Concerning your new company, you'll need to ensure your new home is in a suitable neighborhood that doesn't hinder your baking business. While a country home certainly has its charm, you don't want to be in a location so remote that it's hard for customers to pick up their goods. However, this won't be a problem if you're relying on an online store for most of your sales.

If you're worried about finding a home that fits within your budget, look into as-is properties. These homes often go to market at a much lower price because the previous owner did not make any upgrades or repairs. Just understand you may need to invest time, energy, and money into renovations to get the property livable for your family. It's best to consult an attorney, closely assess land records, and have an as-is property inspected before committing.

Moving can be a daunting process, especially if you are moving into your first house. With that being said, perhaps an even more daunting process is managing all of the unexpected costs associated with being a first time home buyer.

In an effort to help first-time homebuyers have a better understanding of what they can expect after the move-in process is complete, the Marketwatch Home Media Team published an in-depth overview of some of the hidden costs associated with buying and owning a home.

Draft a Home Business Plan


As you hunt for the perfect house, start putting together a business plan for your home baking business. This document will detail your company's mission, who you will sell products to, how you'll sell your products, and how you’ll obtain the funding necessary to get started. Since marketing is such a crucial aspect of any business, you'll need to clearly define your target audience and marketing strategies as well.

Set Your Company (and Family) Up for Success    

Once you've established your business plan, make arrangements with a moving company to get all of your belongings to the new house, and develop a packing strategy. Then, focus on how you can get off to a strong launch for your company.


For instance, choose a business name that is unique, original, and reflective of what you offer. Check with your state's Secretary of State to confirm that your desired name isn't already taken. Also, register your business with the state and research any zoning, license, and permit requirements for operating in your new location. You'll also need to research your startup expenses and create a budget you can stick to for the first several years. Then, start coming up with a plan for how you’ll promote your products online and locally.

Furthermore, you're going to need a legitimate office in your new home to handle the administrative tasks that come with a home baking business. If possible, try to create separation between your home and work life, and establish boundaries with your family so you can stay on task and work efficiently.


If you want to position your home baking business for long-term success, you’ll need a home that keeps your company growing and your family happy. The advice above can get you started on the right foot. But keep researching other ways to lay a promising foundation for your career and family. 

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