Top Three Beauty Benefits of Water

Water is an underappreciated element. While we know that it is necessary to drink water to be healthy, a lot do not realize that water is a key component to looking young and vibrant. 

Today, we will explore why water, a free or very inexpensive resource, should be part of your daily beauty regimen. The beauty benefits of water for skin and beauty are: 

  • Fighting aging
  • Clearing acne
  • Reducing itchiness

Water Fights Aging

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Chugging water will not make you immune to getting old, but it can slow down the aging process. You see, our bodies are 60% water. Our cells need water to survive. Water is the element that makes our skin soft and elastic. Without it, our cells will shrivel.

Water is the natural component that can keep your skin hydrated. If you increase your water intake, you will notice that your lips, face, hands, and skin around your mouth will not be as dry as they used to be.

Ideally, you should drink about 2.7 liters of water every day. At this rate, you are helping your body function at a normal state. 

Again, water is not a cure for wrinkles, but it is a preventive measure to keep your skin looking young. 

Water Clears Acne

Another one of the beauty benefits of water for the skin is that it clears your acne. 

There is no one identified cause of acne. But we all know that it's painful and unsightly.

Acne happens because the skin develops a plug that blocks the hair from coming out. If this happens, the skin gets irritated, and bacteria will cause inflammation. 

So how does water help? 

If you have dry skin, your body is forced to manufacture oil. The result of this is an aggravated acne. But if you keep your skin hydrated, the skin will not produce more oil that what is currently needed. 

If you up your water intake, you can expect to get rid of acne because your skin is moisturized all the time. Your face and skin will look suppler, more nourished, and younger-looking.

Water Reduces Itchiness

Dry skin is going to crack. It becomes flaky and one day, you cannot help but scratch. Scratching will cause wounds, and wounds will cause scars.

By the time this entire process is over, you have spent tons of money to patch up your wounds, and remove the scars. But what if you can avoid it altogether, right from the start?

Again, water hydrates the entire body. The skin cells need water to make it elastic. All our cells need water. In fact 70% of cells contain the water molecule.

If the skin cell has no adequate water content, the outer layer, which is called the epidermis, is going to dry up. It will lose its elasticity.


Here's a little extra on benefits water includes alongside with the above three:

  • Improved Physical Performance- Dehydration can have an impact even if you just drop 2% of your body's water activity. Furthermore, it is not unusual for sportsmen to lose up to 10% of their body weight from perspiration (sweat). 
    • Hydration has been demonstrated to avoid this, and can even lower the oxidative damage that happens during increased exercise. This is hardly remarkable given that muscle is composed of around 80% water. If you workout vigorously and sweat profusely, maintaining hydration might allow you to function at your peak.
  • Major Impact on Stamina Levels and Brain Health- Severe thirst can reduce stamina, attitude, and result in significant impairments in memory and cognitive performance. According to research, even slight dehydration, defined as a loss of 1–3 percent of body weight, can affect numerous areas of brain function. Researchers discovered that 1.4 percent fluid loss after exercise impacted both mood and focus in a study of young women. It also expanded the number of headaches.
  • Aids in Weight Loss- Water can aid weight loss since it enhances satiety and elevates your body's metabolism. The best time to drink water is 30 minutes before eating. It might help you feel fuller, causing you to eat less calories.


Water is the very thing that makes this earth habitable. Life on earth is not possible without water. Apart from its benefits to the skin, water is a key component in developing strong nails and hair.

Water is also known to boost energy. Many people who up their water intake observed that they have became less lethargic at work.

Remember, hydration is the key to staying young. No matter how many beauty supplements you take, you cannot maximize their effects if you do not drink the appropriate amount of water per day, which is 2.7 liters.

Drink water every time you take a break from work. Better yet, get yourself a one-liter bottle. Fill it up and squeeze some lemon in there to give your taste buds a change of pace while adding electrolytes to your system as well. Your goal is to drink three bottles of water before the day ends. With a one-liter bottle, it will be easy for you to track whether you are meeting your goal or not. 


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